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How to get a refund or cancel membership on iOS

Memberships bought through the iOS app store needs to be cancelled through the app store.

If you were charged for savvy navvy by the Apple app store (after purchasing a subscription) and would like a refund, you must contact Apple directly as they do not provide us with the ability to process refunds. 
Only Apple can process refunds for purchases made through an Apple iTunes account.
If you are having any trouble doing this then you can contact the Apple Store support team directly here. When you get to this page, click "Billing & Subscriptions" followed by "Subscriptions & Purchases." Once here, you'll be given a number of options with which to speak with the right support team.

If you would no longer like to be charged for savvy navvy subscriptions then it is also best to ensure you cancel your subscription with Apple so that no future charges come through in the next billing cycle. To do this you will need to ensure you turn off auto-renew within your iTunes account settings. We are unfortunately not able to manage this for any purchases bought through the app store. For details on how to view, change or cancel your Apple subscriptions please click here

We hope this article was useful but if you need any further assistance please contact the savvy navvy team here.

Updated on: 13/11/2022

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