savvy navvy runs on iOS and Android tablets or mobile phones, and on any device with a modern browser, such as Windows and MacOS laptops and desktops.

iOS 14 or later is needed for offline chart storage (including via Safari), but otherwise iOS 12 or later is fine. Android 7 and upwards is needed for Android tablets. You may access your personal savvy navvy account from up to five of your personal devices.

savvy navvy customers sail in many countries around the world, so we cannot advise on specific hardware models.

The best way to test your device is to take advantage of our two-week free trial - you may be asked for card details, but you will only be charged at the end of the trial if you have not already cancelled.

Download from your app store to start plotting routes right away! 

For a Windows or MacOS savvy navvy experience, sign up or log in via our website.

Now you can get safe, automatic route planning with real-time wind chart and tidal data, quickly and easily on all your devices.

Happy route planning!

The savvy navvy team

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