How to plot your route with savvy navvy

So you've signed up to savvy navvy and you'd like to plot your route, but you're not quite sure how? Don't worry we're here to help! 

Simply follow these steps.

Plot your route

  • Find your starting point on savvy navvy's chart. In this example we are starting at Cowes in the UK, so we zoom in on that location

  • From there if you click and hold your mouse over the entrance to Cowes harbour you will see you can drop a pin

  • You will now see a green pin indicating your starting point, savvy navvy will now show your coordinates which you can see on the top left of your screen in the blue box. In addition we will also give you a real-time weather update. Here the screen shows "Clear for the hour. Wind 12 knots with gusts of 17 knots"

  • Note: if you try to drop a pin on an area that is too shallow you will not be allowed to drop it and will instead get a warning asking you to drop the pin somewhere else

  • You can then drop another pin for your finish location and/or any waypoints, if required in between.

  • In this example let's say we want to go to St. Peters port un Guernsey. So we go and drop our second pin just outside the marina at St. Peters port. At this point savvy navvy will instantly start calculating your route in seconds. Once the calculation is done savvy navvy will show you the best proposed rout and your screen will look like this

  • You will now see your ground track, waypoints, the coordinates of your second pin, your proposed arrival time and distance in nautical miles

  • Then it's time to go sailing!

Additional notes

You can input your boat settings

  • Click the three horizontal lines on the top left of the page next to where it says "savvy navvy"

  • Click on "boat settings" and you will see this screen

  • From here you can input your boat information such as whether you have a monohull or multihull,  what your  waterline length is, your minimum depth and bridge height clearance

  • When you're done click the arrow pointing left next to "boat settings" and all your details will be saved!

We are here to help.
We hope this article helps you to plot your first route with savvy navvy, however if you have any further questions please contact our team via the blue Intercom button on the bottom right of your screen.

Happy sailing!


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