Flexible pricing options to suit everyone

We don’t want anyone to feel left out, so whether you sail one or one hundred days in a year, we’ve now got plans that work for you. 

Now users can purchase either a:

Can I try it for free first?

Yes absolutely! If you go to the pricing page on our website you can click "Try it for free" to activate your free 10 day trial. During the trial you will get all savvy navvy features including real-time wind and chart data and 4 day weather forecasting.  

What if I already have a trial running?

If you have activated your trial and then purchase any of the above packages, your pass will start from the moment your trial finishes. So don't worry, you won't miss out on any of your free trial period.

Why is the Founding Member subscription cheaper

Our Founding Members get a slightly cheaper yearly subscription as a thank you for coming onboard early and becoming a part of our community from the very beginning. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade from one pass to another?

At the moment this is not possible. If you're on a weekly pass, for example, and would like to upgrade to a seasonal pass, then you'll need to either wait until your weekly pass has finished and then purchase the seasonal or cancel your weekly pass and purchase the season pass separately.

How will I know how much time I have left on my pass?

Once logged in you'll see a toggle at the top left of your screen which will indicate how long you have left on your pass. 

Where do you have chart coverage?

Please see our chart coverage map here.

Still have some questions?

No problem! Why not start a chat via the intercom icon on the bottom right of your screen? Or...

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