Not at the moment. Currently savvy navvy will give you real-time information on tidal data, weather, chart and marina information.

If you drop a pin for your start location and a pin for your final destination the savvy algorithm will calculate the best route to sail give your boat details and the conditions.

Once they route is plotted you will see a route preview. This is exactly that, a preview, with details information of your route that you can cycle through to see what your passage will look like. Once you set off however, although we will track you with a moving GPS blue dot, the route will not auto recalculate. So if you would like to review the route once under way it would be best to re-plot a route (if you have WiFi or mobile signal) from your new location.

For live routing whilst under way it would be best to use our Export waypoints feature which enables you to export your route waypoints into a GPX file, which you will then be able to import into your chart plotter.

If live routing is a feature that you would like to see in savvy navvy please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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