Breaking up is hard to do.... 😔 BUT if we must then we would like to make it as simple as possible for you. You can cancel in the App itself - no emails, no calls, no letters.

If you have not formally started your two-week Free Trial, then the clock is not ticking, and you will not be charged. There is no subscription to cancel in this case.

If you signed up via Apple iOS

Then you cannot cancel via the savvy navvy website. Please go to your Apple app store and cancel the subscription there.

For detailed information on how to cancel and/or get a refund via Apple iOS please read our other help article here.

If you signed up via Android or the savvy navvy website

Please go to the Membership menu in the app where you will see a "CANCEL" button against the Pricing Plan you are subscribed to. You may need to scroll down.

Once you click "CANCEL" you will see this notification, if you are sure you would like to cancel please click "CANCEL". After you do this your account will not auto-renew.

If after reading this article you are still not sure what to do please contact us at

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