We are not the savvy card people.

savvy navvy Ltd is not affiliated with a group of discount or loyalty cards trading as “savvy card”, “savvy benefits”, “savvybenefitscard”, “savvy ultra”, "yes benefits" or similar. Sorry for the confusion, but some banks incorrectly refer their customers to us. These cards appear on your bank statement as something like "SavCard08003688904" or "yesben08001487169". These companies charge an initial sign-up fee (which, by an unlikely coincidence, is the same as our basic annual subscription) and a monthly fee. savvy navvy charges only an annual subscription and no monthly fees.

If you have monthly charges on your credit or bank card statement that refer to “savvy” something (other than “savvy navvy”), please contact the savvy card group of companies directly to request cancellation or a refund. You may be able to find contact details in the Terms and Conditions section of their websites, or by searching for the company names at the Companies House website. We understand they make you write to them for cancellation.

savvy navvy is a navigation company for leisure sailors and boaters. We sell annual subscriptions to our software service, using Stripe, Apple and Google as our payment processors. We don't make monthly charges and we don't issue cards.

Before we would charge you, you would have had to open an account via the savvy navvy navigation app, go through a two-week trial period, and then receive an invoice and receipt via email. If you have not gone through these stages, then any “savvy” charges on your card statement are not from savvy navvy.

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