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How do I search for my location

Search for your current location and end destination with savvy search
Written by Ivo Dimchev
Updated 1 month ago

Tired of spending too much time searching for that marina, anchorage or secluded bay?

Find your favourite destinations, and quickly plot routes, with our NEW search features! Simply:

  • Enter your current location (for example Cowes, UK)

  • Tap the result you want to set your start pin at

  • Type in your end destination

  • Tap the result you want to confirm your finish location

  • Click 'plot route to here'

How does it work?

Say hello to What3Words and savvy Search

What's what3words?

Ever tried giving a friend your Longitude and Latitude over the phone? Not so easy huh? what3words (w3w) is the simplest way to talk about your location.

The team at w3w assigned each 3 metre square in the world with a unique 3 word address, that will NEVER change.

For example ///guidebook.specifies.jumped marks the exact location of East Cowes Marina in the UK. 

Using savvy navvy you can now easily see your w3w location to quickly and easily share with your friends and avoid confusion! Equally you can enter your friends w3w location into search with savvy navvy to see where they are. Cool huh!

Want to give it a try?

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