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How do I export a route to my Chartplotter?

Use a GPX file to transfer a route to your Garmin, Raymarine, etc. MFD
Written by Ivo Dimchev
Updated 1 month ago

savvy navvy users* can export a route for use in a chartplotter.

To do this:

  • plot a route first, then the menu option will appear in the "3-dot" menu to the top right of the screen

  • click on the menu to export the route as an industry-standard GPX file

    • if you are on a mobile device, the file will be delivered to your registered email address

    • if you are on a laptop or desktop, the file will be placed in your browser's normal download folder

  • Your chartplotter must be compatible with GPX files, and have a way to import them - e.g. via WiFi, Bluetooth, memory card, cable, or sometimes via a companion app for the chartplotter running on your phone

* Explore and Elite subscription plans only

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