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Download offline charts and weather

How to download chart and weather packs
Written by Ivo Dimchev
Updated 1 month ago

Downloading chart and weather packs

savvy navvy supports "offline mode" where you can download your charts for use when you're out of range of signal or internet.

This feature is now available on Android and iOS.

Here are some screenshots of where you can find the download chart option in the savvy navvy app, either on your phone tablet.

Click on the three hashes on the top left of your screen:

Then click off "offline charts":

Click "download a new chart pack".

Ensure the selection grid is over the area where you want to download your charts. Move the toggle to indicate how many days weather you would like to download.

Click "download".

Once the download is complete you will see the date and time of the last update. If you are happy with it you can click "Done".

Your downloaded file will now show in your chart packs. If you click the 3 dots to the right of the file coordinated you can also rename, update or delete the file.

Download complete

Once the download is complete you will be able to access this chart and weather data once offline, continuing to use all the savvy navvy features you love, without signal.

Chart pack updates

To ensure you continue to use savvy navvy with the latest chart and weather data it is recommended you update your chart packs whenever you have a signal.

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