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Set your departure time and day

Alter your departure time and date to estimate the best time to leave the marina
Written by Ivo Dimchev
Updated 1 month ago

Picking the right departure time can make the difference between champagne sailing and having to listen to the motor for hours as you battle through miles of no wind.

Set your departure time

With savvy navvy you can pick your departure time and see how your route will be affected, just like you do in Google maps.

Drop your start and finish pins (as well as any waypoints as required) and you will see a menu bar appear on the left side of your screen. Within that screen you will see a calendar for dates and a "depart at" section where you can edit your departure time. It looks a little something like this:

Adjust the date and time to see the effect it has on your route time as well as whether or not you will need to use your motor.

Being on-time just got a whole lot easier.

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Happy sailing.

The savvy navvy crew. 

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