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What does clicking "preview" show

Written by Ivo Dimchev
Updated 1 month ago

Once you've dropped your pins, you will start to see an information bar on the left showing you location coordinates of each pin along with depth, wind and tidal data.

At this stage you can also adjust your departure date and time to see the effect on your route.

Once you have dropped your pins, and are happy with them, click "Plot Route".

Once you've clicked plot route, savvy navvy will automatically calculate the best route for you based on wind, weather, chart and tidal data. Your route will give you an expected arrival time, distance to each waypoint, SOG, COG, wind and tide direction and much more.

Once you see your proposed route you can then click "PREVIEW" in the top left box.

Once you click Preview savvy navvy will go into route mode to show you a preview of what your route will look like - step-by-step. Using the arrows in the menu box you can cycle through your proposed route.

savvy navvy will then show you your Course to Steer (CTS), boat speed and wind reading. This will enable you to virtually go through your route before you set off, viewing each waypoint, and the proposed time you will reach each point, as you go. 

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