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How do I plot a route?

Just two clicks and you're done...

How to plot your route with savvy navvy

So you've signed up to savvy navvy and you'd like to plot your route, but you're not quite sure how? Don't worry we're here to help! 

Simply follow these steps.
Check out our short video tutorial on How to plot your route:

Once in the app find your starting point on savvy navvy's chart. In this example we are starting at Poole in the UK, so we zoom in on that location (NOTE: You would need to be in the Plan tab in order to tap and place a waypoint)

From there you can tap on any spot you'd like to set as a starting position - you will see you just dropped a waypoint

You will now see a the waypoint pin A indicating the starting point of your route. The app will display the coordinates of the waypoint in the bottom of your screen in the info panel. In addition savvy navvy will also give you the depth you can expect at that location

You can then drop another pin for your finish location and/or any waypoints, if required in between.

In this example let's say we want to go to St. Peters port in Guernsey. So we go and drop our second pin just outside the marina at St. Peters port. At this point you will see a "skeleton" route being calculated. You can change the start and end waypoints or add any midpoints to the route

Once you're happy with your route, just hit the Plot route button and let the auto routing do it's magic - within seconds you'll be presented with the complete route and all the information you'd need for each of it's legs (to see the additional information just pull the bottom info panel up)

Then it's time to go sailing!

We are here to help.
We hope this article helps you to plot your first route with savvy navvy, however if you have any further questions please contact our team via chat or email at

Happy sailing!

Updated on: 02/09/2023

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