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How to download an offline chart pack?

Let's walk through the process of downloading offline packs in savvy navvy. This feature allows you to have access to charts and weather data even when you're off the grid or without an internet connection. Here are the steps:

Open savvy navvy:
- Launch the savvy navvy app on your Android or iOS device.

Access the Offline Charts Section:
- Click on the three horizontal lines (often referred to as "hamburger menu") located at the top left corner of your screen.
- From the menu, select "Offline Charts."

Download a New Chart Pack:
- Within the "Offline Charts" section, click on "Download a new chart pack."
- A selection grid will appear on the map. Ensure it covers the specific area where you want to download charts.

Choose Weather Data Duration:
- savvy navvy not only provides charts but also includes weather data.
- Move the toggle to indicate how many days of weather data you'd like to download (between 1 and 4 days).

Initiate the Download:
- Click the "Download" button.
- savvy navvy will start downloading the selected chart pack and weather data.

Check the Last Update Time:
- Once the download is complete, you'll see the date and time of the last update.
- Verify that the data is up to date and accurate for your intended use.

Confirmation and File Management:
- If you're satisfied with the downloaded data, click "Done."
- The downloaded file will now appear in your chart packs.
- You can manage the file by clicking the three dots next to its coordinates. Options include renaming, updating, or deleting the file.

Using Offline Charts:
- With the downloaded chart pack, you can navigate confidently even without an internet connection.
- savvy navvy's features (waypoints, routes, anchorages, etc.) will continue to work seamlessly.
- Check out our article on How to use an already downloaded offline pack?.

Remember to Update:
- To stay current, periodically update your offline chart packs whenever you have an internet connection.

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Updated on: 24/02/2024

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