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How to change vessel settings (vessel type, min depth, bridge clearance, cruising speed, fuel efficiency, average speed)?

You can change your vessels settings from the Boat settings tab located in the Main menu.

Here are all the settings you can touch up in order to get the most of savvy navvy:
Boat type - sailboat, motorboat, fishing boat, powerboat, jetski/PWC, paddleboard or kayak
Minimum depth
Bridge clearance
Waterline length (LWL)
Boat polars (applicable for monohull sailboats and catamarans)
Whether or not to use your engine when the weather conditions are not favorable (applicable for monohull sailboats and catamarans)
Engine cruising speed
Fuel efficiency
The units used in the app
Depth - metres and feet
Distance - nautical miles, kilometres and miles
Boat speed - knots, metres/sec, miles/hour and kilometres/hour
Wind speed - knots, metres/sec, miles/hour, kilometres/hour and Beaufort
Fuel - litres and gallons
Temperature - celsius and fahrenheit

Watch the How-to video

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Updated on: 30/03/2024

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